hey there!

I'm Caty, the gal behind the camera!

For me, taking photos is my love language. Nothing excites me more than being able to capture life’s sweetest moments. I understand the weight of my job & know that these photos will have the power to bring you back to that exact point in time and let you relive that happy feeling all over again… So I strive to capture every moment in its most genuine & authentic form. My heart is poured into this profession & into my couples. You think you're just getting a photographer?? Sorry, I prefer to be called friend and favorite third wheel. I hope you're cool with that. ;)

A little about me… I love to joke around and lighten the mood with your favorite tunes. Music is a big part of my life & I think its best when always playing in the background like your own personal soundtrack. I always have a speaker strapped on me for every photo occasion. We will jam out or even chill out, whatever your mood & get authentic photos that aren't forced but show allll the love.

Getting to travel is my favorite thing on this earth. It's beyond thrilling, knowing there are roads, waterfalls, jungles and mountain tops still yet to be explored. So when I am not behind a camera, I am probably behind another camera somewhere across the world, but this time capturing moments purely for me and my own personal time capsule.

I am gonna be real, this profession found me. I had 30k in student loans that were really questioning my life choices when I wasn't even using my degree (graphic design btw). But this job has brought me soo many beautiful people & to so many beautiful places, I decided to make capturing love into a living. & now I know, I am exactly where I need to be.

Behind all this fancy wording & photos I am also soo very normal. I love my morning coffee, my bernese mountain dog who takes up as much space on my couch as he does in my heart & my loud and obnoxious family that I wouldn't trade up even if I could. I pride myself in being my most genuine self at all times - someone who loves life & all its little + big moments.

Now that you know me, I hope I get to learn all about you.


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