hey there!

I'm Caty, the blondie behind the camera.

For me, taking photos is my love language. Nothing excites me more than being able to capture life’s “IT” moments. Yanno, the moments that you stop and think “I don’t want this moment to end”. The photo from that moment will have the power to bring you back to that exact point in time and let you relive that happy feeling all over again… now isn’t that the most crazy beautiful thing!? My heart is filled with every interaction and photo I get to capture of beautiful souls. I truly feel blessed to have a job that brings me this much joy with a click of a button ;”)

A little about me… I LOVE to laugh & dance. Every session, I play music and we dance and goof around until we are all belly laughing. Having fun is my life goal & I am determined. You can find me almost always visiting new coffee shops and sipping on an iced caramel latte with oat milk (okay maybe THIS is my love language). Aside from coffee & photos… you can find a food trail all the way to my heart. I will NEVER say no to trying out every taco on this earth or yummy new thai restaurants. I also am a mom!! …a dog momma that is! To the goofiest Bernese mountain dog named, Charlie. He takes up a HUGE space on my couch and in my heart ;’) When I am not behind the camera, you can also find me practicing my love for yoga or traveling around the world, learning about new cultures… *fun fact I have visited 20 countries and plan to visit them all one day!

— PSA I will travel for free to some selected countries. If you want to go there, I am THERE. Seriously.. I can have my bags packed in 5, I have been timed.

Now that you know me, I hope I get to learn a little more about you!


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