Kathleen + Jack

Kathleen + Jack's wedding day in Green Bay, Wisconsin put every wedding in Wisconsin to a higher standard! Located right on the river side, 5 minutes away from the chapel they would say their I do's was Kathleen's family home. A beautiful & sentimental start to a day they will never forget, as Kathleen & all her special people helped her prepare for the day, while Jack was across the river awaiting impatiently to finally see her. The energy of the day, smiles and pure joy unfolding was so special and easy for me to capture.

My favorite moments of the day are so many to fit on this page but include; The moment Kathleen revealed herself to her girls (Pictured below). Jack reading his letter to Kathleen at the first look as he's choking away the ball in his throat and wiping away tears, & the pure LOVE he has for her pouring out like watching in real time the Notebook. The greenery in the middle of Wisconsin that looked like it came straight from Hawaii. The light came through and beautifully wrapped around the two of them. Lastly the end to the night where Jack & Kathleen took over the DJ Mix board and serenaded their guests! SO fun & an epic end to an unforgettable day.

A day I am truly honored and proud to be a part of & a love that I want to show off any chance I get.